Pirates 2012 Draft Pool Still Unknown

Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com has another update on the draft bonus pools, noting that the Pittsburgh Pirates will have a draft bonus pool of $9,270,800 in 2012.  The Pirates already have one compensation pick for losing Ryan Doumit, and could get another one for Derrek Lee.  It’s unknown if the bonus amount Mayo listed includes the slot price for the Doumit pick and the potential slot price for Lee’s pick.  That would be very unlikely since those picks aren’t set.

The Pirates spent $17 M in 2011 and $11.3 M in 2010.  They were at $9.8 M in 2008 and $8.9 M in 2009.  It’s looking like they will be able to sign over-slot talent, although it doesn’t seem like there will be any chances of getting a Josh Bell or a Stetson Allie in the second round.

UPDATE: Charlie followed up with Jonathan Mayo, who mentions that the $9.3 M figure isn’t the 2012 figure. The figure is what the Pirates would have had in 2009, under the 2012 rules. So we’re back to not knowing what the draft pool will be.

2012 Draft

  • Ignoring money for comp picks, if the numbers Mayo have put out are right, and the fact that the team drafting last will get 4.5 M (says so in the article ) and will get 1.8 M as the amount added to the pool for the #30 overall pick (as reported by various sources)…

    The Pirates will get somewhere between 5.6 M and 5.9 M just for their 1st through 10th round picks. 

    That is based off of the following facts.

    The Royals drafted 4th in 2010.  Therefore, the allotment for the #4 pick in rounds 1-10 will be ~7.2 M in 2012.  Since the #4 overall pick has an allotment of 4.2 M according to Mayo, the team picking #4 overall in 2012 will get ~3 M from rounds 2-10.  Since the team drafting last will get 4.5 M and sources elsewhere have stated the allotment for the last normal pick of the 1st round will be 1.8 M, that team will get 2.7 M from rounds 2-10.

    Therefore it follows the Pirates will get between 2.7 and 3.0 million dollars from their picks in rounds 2-10, and added to the 2.9 M value of their #8 overall pick, one gets 5.6-5.9M. 

  • That number should be at least a little lower than the 9+ because that was for the 4th overall pick not the 8th. Add in the comp picks and it will come up a lil but not that much. BUt they should be saving at least $8-$15mill on the draft and international signings. Not nearly enough to make a real run at the top FAs or Darvish or even Cespedes but they might be able to go after a Ed Jax, Buerhle, or some of the other Japanese players that might get posted.

    Teams have asked white Sox about Chris Sale and Alexei Ramirez but said price would be skyhigh. I always though Ramirez would be perfect fit for the Pirates bumping Barmes to super utility(which hes prob more suited for). Would Marte Allie Darnaud and ZVR get it done or is that too much.

    Sunday can’t come soon enough. You guys need a podcast and some streaming from winter meetings. Leadoffs on here enough he can pay for it. 😉

  • Bucs now have 10 mil to spend elsewhere.  Where does it go?  Could be put towards getting the next Sano.

    • Only $2.9 million can go on the international market. That leaves millions of dollars left to spend somewhere.