Pirates Still Interested in Derrek Lee

The Pittsburgh Pirates are still interested in Derrek Lee for first base, reports Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. Lee was offered arbitration last month, but turned down that offer a week ago to pursue free agency. He is believed to be waiting for the top options on the board to sign, hoping that will improve his market.  Albert Pujols signed last week with the Los Angeles Angels, which leaves Prince Fielder as the only road block.

Lee would have some competition on the open market from Carlos Pena. Both players would be options for teams that missed out on Fielder and Pujols.

The Pirates currently project to have a platoon at first base between Garrett Jones and Casey McGehee. Adding Lee would add some insurance. Right now if Pedro Alvarez has a repeat of his 2011 season, the Pirates are looking at Jones and McGehee as full time starters at the corners. That’s not an ideal situation, and the addition of Lee could help boost one of those corner spots, while adding Jones and McGehee as depth to the bench.

  • I think Scott’s drop off last year was because of injury.  He had surgery.  The O’s would like to have him back but not at his arbitration salary (I think the D-Backs have said the same about Saunders and Owings).

    • Scott’s drop off was due to injury, but I’m not convinced that’s a one year fluke at his age. He had three different problems during the year, with the labrum surgery ending his season.

  • Luke Scott questions the validity of the President’s birth certificate also. The Bucs front office could use a right wing lunatic on the roster to draw the media away from scrutinizing their won-loss record.

    • The Pirates are the Pittsburgh medias NO.1 whipping boy, I don’t think winning or anything else is going to change that.

    • Only a left wing lunatic would bring his politics to a baseball site.

      • Or a right wing lunatic to criticise on a baseball site.Lighten up pal,Lang appears to have been making a joke.Scott’s critcism of the President was common knowledge.

        • I’m not your pal, dude.

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            • Believe me being called an “azzhole?” by you is a complement as opposed to you calling me your pal.

  • I wonder if they have any interest in Luke Scott, now a free agent.  He really isn’t a first baseman though he has limited experience at the position. But if they were looking at Josh Willingham as some reports indicated, Scott is like the poor man’s Willingham.
    I don’t think he is worth big money, (he doesn’t deserve to be at least.)
    Scott would bring good power and run production, though his defense isnt anything to write home about, especially at first base. He is best suited for a platoon role as well, but decent enough when playing everyday.

  • I’m a little curious as to why people are only talking about Lee and Pena.  Why don’t the Bucs go after Cuddyer?  Is he too much of a liability at 1st?  Gotta be better than Jones.  He’s 32.  Would a 3 year/25mill be too much for him?
    The Twinkies just signed Willingham…can’t think they are still in it for Cuddyer. 

    • Last I saw, Cuddyer was looking for something in the 3/$30 range. They’d be better off going with Pena at $10 M a year.

    • I agree, I don’t think we are getting Lee or Pena and Cuddyer IMO would be a good option.  As you mentioned though, I am not sure of his defense at 1B.  

    • If the Pirates are going to spend $10m a year on a 1B, my first choice would be Pena, followed by Cuddyer. I like the way Cuddyer plays and he’s averaged 149 gms played and 575 ab’s over the last 3 seasons so he is durable. 22 hr’s and 82 rbi’s per season over the last season as well would help us a ton. Career as a 1B, 210 gms 12 errors, .993 fldg pct, 2.20 ZR. I think that he would be more than adequate.

      • Looking at D.Lee, Pena & Cuddyer.  All would cost ~$10m.  Lee likely 1yr committment…Pena 2yr…Cuddyer 3 yr.  Cuddyer is the youngest(32) and seemingly still in his prime offensive yrs.  Cuddyer also offers the most FLEXIBILITY…he can easily play RF or possibly 3b if needed in the future.  Finally, Cuddyer offers by far the best intangibles.  He is known to be a very strong leader & club house presence.  Not to overplay this (see M.Diaz) but assuming all 3 offer similar production in the middle of the order (~800 obs)…Cuddyer should be the obvious choice.  If Pirates jump in with 3/$30 I think he’s here!