Pirates Agree to Deal With Jason Grilli

  • Does it usually take this long to sign ppl???  Was expecting to see the signings of Kars, Morton…… also with McGehee does that mean G.Jones is not coming back???

    • The McGehee trade is the reason it takes so long to sign people. The Grilli signing is another example. They’re busy working on trades and pre-arb negotiations. At the end of the night they can just submit the paperwork for anyone they need to tender.

    • Tonight is only the deadline to tender a deal to a player, meaning that an offer sheet is extended that basically says “You’re neato and we would like to potentially have you on the team next year”

      Teams have until early February, if I remember, to negotiate freely with that player or else take them to an independent arbitration panel.  That’s made up, typically, of non-baseball arbiters who look at counting stats and have no idea about  ERA+, wOBA, or UZR/150.