Slot Value For Pirates 2012 First Round Pick

Jonathan Mayo has the slot values for the top ten picks in the first round of the 2012 draft under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The Pittsburgh Pirates pick eighth in the first round, and according to Mayo, they will have $2.9 M to spend on their pick.

The Pirates don’t have to spend the full amount.  They can also spend over that amount.  If they spend more than $2.9 M, the excess counts against their total slot pool, with penalties if they go more than 5% over the total slot bonus pool.  If they spend less than $2.9 M, they could use the remaining to go over-slot on later round picks.

Last year the number eight pick, Francisco Lindor, received exactly $2.9 M.

2012 Draft

  • Kids that were using a “strong commitment” for the sole purpose of driving up their price will now have to lobby to be drafted higher to get that $. I’m not sure if they don’t hurt themselves by not taking whatever and hope to make the majors sooner. I also wonder if more $ can be guaranteed by giving 40 man spots or paying a larger ML salary. ” hey kid we’ll give you $500k to sign and will pay you $500k per year until you come up.” Could be a way around it.

    • I believe the new agreement has done away with major league deals.  So that wouldn’t work.

  • If Mayo is correct, I am surprised at the levels for the first 10 slots. Last year Baseball America estimated the recommended slot for #1 at $4 million.

    My guess is that many teams will sign 6 or 7 of their top ten picks rather than sign all 10.This will provide some flexibility in what they can offer. Even in the previous system teams often did not sign all 10. In 2010 the Pirates had 4 draftees opt for college.

  • I think the important thing will be scouting i know you mention the NFL and the steelers..the reason they are so good is becasue of the scouting..they never have a top ten pick and draft much better players then teams that always do (oakland comes to mind)…also, the use of later picks..if we can use the pool money to get 5 quality guys and have backup plans if they dont sign one guy i think they will be ok..i find it ironic that sleig only has a beef with spending on the draft..he needs to go.

    • The big thing is that the Steelers have a level playing field the Ravens don’t outspend them by 150mm every year.

      • Believe me Im not sold onthis system yet either but its not like the Yankees couldn’t and don’t go over slot. It’s not like there was a rule that said only small market teams can do it. every team was able to and did go overslot lots of times.
        I’m starting to think this is just going to reduce negotiating power of draftees and maybe run like most other drafts where top talent runs top to bottom. So the scouting and draft plan become so much more important. I’ll reserve judgement

        • What it means is that players that slide because they have comits to schools have no reason to  sign with clubs offering over the slot dollars(because teams wont be able to). They will most likely go to school with hopes of bettering their draftability. So clubs ,like the Pirates draft these kids and over spend to bring them here. While big market teams get more value in FA. 

          • I understand that but the top picks are slotted too so i think we’re assuming that all high school players are going to go to school now. Theres a lot of risk involved for a kid too. IMO some of these kids would of went to pros for whatever amount but they had more negotiating power. So the same kid that went for $1 mill could be had for 400k now.

  • So, it sounds like the sky isn’t falling?

    • It’s still not good. The number 30 pick will have a slot of $1.6 M. So the odds of getting a Zack Von Rosenberg ($1.2), Colton Cain ($1.15), or Clay Holmes ($1.2) bonus in the 6th-9th rounds seem far fetched. To do that, the Pirates would pretty much have to miss out on two of their earlier picks. That might not even be worth it.

    • The only way the Pirates could make up for the inequties of the free agent market was to spend on the draft. The field was leveled in the draft  but not in free agency. The yankees can spend 180mm next year on some free agent but the Pirates can’t spend 17mm on 25 prospects. Boy they got those wild spenders under control.