New Pittsburgh Pirates Future Payroll Page

When I started this site in 2009, one of the first things I added was a chart listing the Pittsburgh Pirates payroll commitments over the upcoming years, along with a listing of how each player was acquired by the team.  For the past three seasons, I’ve been using the same chart I came up with in 2009.  Over the weekend I made a change and created the new Pittsburgh Pirates Future Payroll page.

Aside from a cleaner look, the new version keeps track of when a player was added to the 40-man roster, and lists salaries and minimum/arbitration estimates through the 2019 season.  I used 2019, since that’s the year that Jose Tabata’s contract ends.  The page will be updated throughout the off-season, and every time the Pirates make a move that involves the 40-man roster.  Bookmark the page and check back frequently.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Future Payroll Page


  • This FO will not be happy until every player on the team is at the league minimum.

  • That is actually a very eerie chart there Tim. It really shows just how young our team is when about only 2 / 3 players aren’t at “min or arb”