Draft Bonus Pool Updates

Jim Callis of Baseball America has two updates on the Draft Bonus Pools for the MLB draft under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Callis first reports that the bonus pool for the top ten rounds is closer to $180 M than the $200 M that was originally reported.  He also added that if you don’t sign a pick, you lose his cap value.  That means if you don’t sign your first round pick, you can’t use his funds to go over-slot on later round picks.

The second note kills a lot of theories on how to go over-slot on later round players.  A lot of the ideas so far centered around signing only a few picks at high prices, and leaving other players unsigned to stay under the overall bonus pool.

2012 Draft

  • So the worst case for going over is you lose a first and second round pick the next year and have to pay double the money?

     All i know is if i was part of the management team I’d also evaluate the top level of talent for the following year as well as see who slips in this draft ala Josh Bell, if theres value there I would have no problems with the pirates going for broke again this year spending 15+ mil on draft picks and forfeiting some early round draft picks.

    Wonder what Bud would do if the Pirates still spent over 10 mil on the draft even with his precious hard slotting system in place.

  • So it appears the only way to gain flexibility is to sign some players for under slot. I suppose the best way to do this is by overdrafting a few players, sign them for the amount they would get if drafted based on their talent, and then use the money on others. It will be hard to gain much flexibility this way unless you vastly overdrafted in the first round. I don’t think it would be worth wasting your first round pick though.

    I suspect there are plenty of details not public yet from this new CBA so there might be other ways to manipulate the system. I can almost guarantee some team will try something next year that will tick Buddy boy off.

    • I can almost guarantee some team will try something next year that will tick Buddy boy off.

      Probably the Pirates! I think just showing up will do it!

  • What is the 1st round draft pick is a high school pick that won’t sign for the recommended bonus or over the recommended slot value?