Poll: Who Would Be in Your 2012 Bullpen?


  • Closer is an overrated position.  That doesn’t mean that it isn’t important, and Hanrahan was far and away the best reliever on the team last year, and one of the best closers in baseball.  That said I didn’t include him as one of my 7.  I’d look long and hard to see if he could be a part of a trade for a good young CI/CO/C/SS.  The Pirates can acquire a FA to fill that slot in the bullpen and either the FA or Meek can close.  If they can’t find the right trade, keep him and trade him at the deadline.  In either case he should not finish 2012 with the team.

    • “I’d look long and hard to see if he could be a part of a trade for a good young CI/CO/C/SS.”

      Just an observation that your abbrevation there could phonetically be pronounced Psychosis.

    • I like that idea it would definitely have to be a prospect with potential to contribute at the major league level or one already doing that with the ability to continue to do so, I also wouldn’t mind if we were able to lock Hanrahan into a multi-year contract, and if possible to keep the yearly wages to somewhere between 4-6M.

  • I went with Hanrahan, Meek, Leroux, Veras, Resop, Watson, Grilli. I wouldn’t mind an upgrade over Grilli though.

  • 1 end people talk how closer is completely an overrated stat then start talking how Hanny is so important at the backend of the bulllpen. I think towards the end of the season he showed his true colors and is much more valuable to this team in trade. Closers are like NFL running backs unless you have AP(Mariano Riviera) they are not worth the $ and someone will give you more than their worth.

  • I think K-Rod might be available and an 8th inning setup man should be a priority with this team.