Robbie Grossman Having an MVP Season

Grossman is having an MVP level season in the FSL.

I’ve talked a lot about Bradenton Marauders outfielder Robbie Grossman this year, focusing on his increased walks, his consecutive on-base streak (currently at 39 games and counting), and his overall emergence as a potential top 10 prospect this year.  We’re not the only ones who have noticed Grossman’s solid all around season.

The Bradenton Marauders have started the campaign for Grossman to be named the Florida State League MVP, setting up a Facebook page, and uploading a YouTube video for the campaign.

Grossman is having an impressive season.  He’s been at the top of the FSL in on-base percentage, thanks to his enormous walk totals.  He’s scored over 100 runs, and is on pace to be the first minor leaguer to score 100 and walk 100 times since Nick Swisher in 2004.  He currently has a 39 game on-base streak, and had a 37 game on-base streak before that.  The two streaks were broken up by one game, meaning Grossman has reached base safely in 76 of his last 77 games.

On the season, Grossman is hitting for a .291/.421/.433 line in 430 at-bats, with ten homers, 27 doubles, and 24 stolen bases in 33 attempts.  Since the FSL All-Star break, Grossman has hit for a .312/.452/.508 line in 189 at-bats, with seven of his ten homers.

Check out the links above for Robbie’s MVP campaign.  Tomorrow we will post our updated top 10 prospect lists, and there’s a good chance that Grossman could end up in the second half of those rankings.

  • I was excited when we signed Grossman in 2009 and it looks like he is starting to fulfill his promise. This was a great overslot signing by NH!!!! Grossman looks like a Nate McLouth type player in the majors to me. That would be the Nate Mclouth that had an allstar season with us prior to his trade to Atlanta…..

    • I’m hoping Robbie Grossman turns into the next Jacoby Ellsbury.  I can see Grossman & Kyle McPherson being name Minor League Player & Pitcher of the Year, respectively.

      • I don’t see Grossman having Ellsbury type speed and you can’t teach that. I will stick with my Nate McLouth comparison. By the way, love the avatar….any time you can make a Derek Bell reference it’s classic….

  • Kids like this are what make following the Pirates improved system so fun. I’m absolutely excited to see him make the jump to AA next year.