Paul Maholm to the DL

The Pittsburgh Pirates have placed left handed pitcher Paul Maholm on the 15-day disabled list with a shoulder strain.  The team will announce a corresponding roster move tomorrow.

Maholm is scheduled to start again on Tuesday.  The Pirates have a double header on Monday, with Ross Ohlendorf being the candidate to get the start in game two.  However, the Pirates will now need two starters, as Ohlendorf will most likely be the favorite to replace Maholm.  The only starting pitching options on the 40-man roster are Jeff Locke and Kyle McPherson, although the Pirates would be rushing either option to the majors if they made the call for one of those two.  It’s possible that Brad Lincoln could make one of the two starts.

  • Who cares who will start versus the Brewers. Like anybody we send out there will fare any better than those who tried before. Might as well learn that Lincoln was another first round bust sooner than later.

    • Somebody’s in a bad mood… :p

      I’d like to see if Lincoln is a legitimate candidate for a rotation spot.  It might allow us to trade one of our other right-handers (Ohlendorf or Correia) in the off season, especially with the starting depth piling up in AAA.