Jose Tabata Activated, Pedro Alvarez Optioned

The Pittsburgh Pirates have re-instated outfielder Jose Tabata from the 15-day disabled list, and have optioned third baseman Pedro Alvarez to AAA.  Prior to his injury, Tabata was batting for a .265 average with a .705 OPS in 257 at-bats in the majors this year.  In his rehab work with Indianapolis, he hit for a .333 average in 33 at-bats, while also getting time in at right field.

The demotion of Alvarez isn’t a big surprise.  The third baseman is hitting for a .196 average with a .548 OPS this year.  He was recalled in late July, but has hit for a .174 average and a .476 OPS since his return, with 25 strikeouts in 69 at-bats.

Alvarez was recalled prior to spending 20 days on optional assignment, which meant he avoided using his third and final option.  This demotion will trigger that option, leaving him with zero options after the season.  However, because Alvarez has used all three options, and has spent less than five years in pro ball, he will qualify for a fourth option, which can be used at any time in his career.  He will likely spend the rest of the 2011 season in AAA, and it will be interesting to see if he returns when rosters expand in September.  Next year he will have one option, in the event that he continues his struggles and doesn’t get back on track.

  • Agree with Nate, Pedro definitely needs to play winter ball this year.

  • Pedro is too far back in the box which means he cant cover the outside heat , he doesnt look for it anyways. He’s looking hanging junk all the time basically, and when he gets junk its normally away from him which in turn he’s not picking it up and creating mass amounts of a/c. 

    So first step in pedros batting box approach crowd the plate – which takes away the outside corner.
    Second Step – Starting pitchers have thrown Pedro 92 to 95 on the corner all year in the first 1 or 2 pitches in the count once pedro crowds the box have him swinging on the first pitch he has enough power to go all fields.
    Third Step- Pedro must be put on a training program immediately after the season ends avoid any ballooning up in weight during to the offseason which will make him sluggish reaction wise at the plate in the field.
    Fourth Step- Arizona Fall League Pedro, Winter Ball in mexico or dominican Pedro. This will keep him fresh and in shape and seeing a lot of junk pitches to where he can recognize those more then he has done in the bigs.

  • It simply in Pedro’s best interest to stay at AAA until he figures things out and gets his confidence back. He really needs to go down with a “work list” that include pitch recognition and situational hitting. His defensive footwork could use some serious work too. I still have confidence that he’ll be productive major leaguer at some point, but he is a work in progress.

  • It was obvious from Pedro’s first at-bat this year that something was off.  His swing looks different than last year and he has little to no pitch recognition, nor does he seem to understand what pitchers are doing to him almost every at-bat.  He has a long way to go and should spend the rest of this year in AAA, plus play winter ball to be ready for next year.