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First Base Upgrade: Do the Pirates Have One Internally?

Hague is hitting for a .324 average in AAA this year.

The Pittsburgh Pirates don’t exactly have a loaded offense.  They’ve got a lot of young players who are holding down roster spots, regardless of their inconsistent performances, which is a normal thing for young players.  They’ve got a few defensive-minded players holding down spots solely for their defensive value, such as Ronny Cedeno at shortstop, and Michael McKenry behind the plate.  About the only position where there’s a consensus call for an upgrade is first base.

Lyle Overbay was signed during the off-season to provide the Pirates with a strong defensive first baseman who had some power.  He hit 20 homers last year, with a .762 OPS, and averaged about 17 homers a year and a .796 OPS in five seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays.  So far this year, Overbay is on pace for about 10-12 homers, and has a .669 OPS.  What’s worse is that his defense hasn’t lived up to the billing.

There has been a lot of talk, especially on this site, about the possibility of adding Carlos Pena at the trade deadline.  If the Cubs are looking to shed salary, the Pirates could be in a good position to land Pena, all while giving up very little from the farm system, as they’re one of few teams that can afford to take on payroll.  But Pena is unlikely to be dealt well before the July 31st trade deadline.  So what do the Pirates do between now and then?  Do they continue with Overbay, and hope he continues his current 8-for-16 streak in his last four games?  Or do they look for another option internally?

One popular option is Matt Hague.  Hague, the first baseman for the Indianapolis Indians, is currently hitting for a .324/.380/.482 line, with eight homers and 24 doubles in 330 at-bats.  He is fresh off a month of June where he hit for a .402 average and a 1.094 OPS in 107 at-bats.  After hitting three doubles last night, Hague has 16 doubles since the start of June, a pace that would equal 64 doubles in a full season.  For reference, the National League record is 64 doubles in a year, set in 1936 by Joe Medwick.

There are knocks against Hague.  I mentioned in today’s Daily Prospect Profile about how John Bowker is a perfect example that AAA success doesn’t equal Major League success.  Of course, how much worse could Hague be, compared to what Overbay has done?

There’s also the concern that replacing Overbay could be damaging to the team chemistry.  This is a team that has Eric Fryer, Chase d’Arnaud, Alex Presley, Josh Harrison, Tony Watson, Daniel Moskos, Chris Leroux, and soon to be returning, Pedro Alvarez.  You know what those guys all have in common?  They’ve been Hague’s teammates in the minors the last few years.

Then there’s the big issue with Hague’s game: his power is limited to gap power, with the capability of hitting about 15 homers a year.  He also has a reverse platoon split, struggling against left handers, which is rare for a right handed batter.  But again, Overbay isn’t hitting for much power, and also struggles against left handers.

The Pirates definitely should be looking for first base upgrades.  However, instead of putting all of the eggs in the Carlos Pena basket, and waiting until July 31st, why not call up Hague?  If he gets the call right after the All-Star break, that gives the Pirates 16 games to evaluate him before the trade deadline on the afternoon of July 31st.  Maybe he does well, and they can focus elsewhere for an upgrade.  Maybe he struggles, and they go for a guy like Pena.  Maybe he does well, and they still go for Pena, but keep Hague around for the start of the 2012 season.

In any event, it’s clear that the Pirates need an upgrade at first base.  They’ve got a hot hitting first baseman in AAA.  Why not give him a shot?

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Let’s not forget Steve Pearse.


At this stage, I don’t know how much value Hague gives you; if he’s a dozen-homer, .285-type guy,  it’s better than what Overbay’s giving you, but is it helping you to become a contender?  If the Pirates are still in the hunt at the deadline, I think they need to do better than that.


Who do you send down? 

Once the Buccos are healthy, which means Cedeno, Tabata,Alvarez and Doumit come back (Snyder may be out a while longer, so we’ll keep  him out), they will have to make some tough decisions.

Lets assume they send Harrison down for Alvarez, Ciriaco for Cedeno, cut Paul for Tabata and send Fryer down for Doumit.  Lets also assume they bring Hague up.

We can now assume a starting lineup of C Doumit, 3b Alvarez, SS Cedeno, 2b Walker, 1b Overbay,  OF Tabata, Cutch and Presley. 

You now have Diaz and Jones as your back up outfielders.  You have D’Arnaud and Wood as your back up infielders.  You have McKenry as your back up catcher. You have Hague as a back up 1b.

The issue is you are one OVER the limit of the 25-man roster.

So who would you take off of the roster for Hague?  You can’t take McKenry off, obviously, so he’s out.  It won’t be Jones, because actually has some pop.  There is no way you can go with just one back up infielder, so Wood and D’Arnaud remain.  Diaz, despite popular opinion, is hitting lefties well.

It comes down to Overbay or Hague.  I know the knee-jerk reaction is to say cut Overbay, but you can’t do that.  As soon as he is DFA’d he will be claimed by somebody. 

By keeping Hague in AAA, we protect our depth.  If Hague flames out after a call up, a very real possibility, or gets hurt, we woudn’t have a replacement.  Jones would become our first baseman with B Wood becoming the back up.  I don’t like that situation at all.

We can bring Hague up ANYTIME, but if we let Overbay go, we can’t get him back.  And right now, there isn’t a big enough gap between the two to be in that situation.

Now if we can grab a decent 1b in a trade, hopefully we can send Overbay back, or then we can DFA Overbay, while still keeping Hague in AAA.


Name a single team that would claim Overbay, please. Hague can’t be worse over 2 weeks than Lyle. See what you have, see if Pearce can get healthy, see if you’re still in a pennant race, then decide whether to go with Jones/Hague/Pearce or to go outside the organization.

white angus

well, alvarez has been activated and optioned to AAA.  looks like the FO will be waiting to see some improvement before calling him back up to the show.


Didn’t see that one coming…but it’s a solid move.  It buys the FO some time as well to gather more info.  It has the potential to be a big win-win.


You can get rid of Wood. Hague can be a backup infielder. Like Pearce he is capable of playng 1B and 3B.


Why would you get rid of Wood?  He can play every position in the infield.  Hague can play 1B, and not at a high level. 

And lets not assume he can play 3b at a mlb level.  He’s played 3b for 61 of his 400 professional games and HE IS A -9 RTZ.  Hague can play one position, that’s it.


Not saying you should get rid of Wood just pointing out its possibility. I would have like to see Hague up here over Ciriaco but long term I have no problem with keeping Hague in AAA.


Reverse platoon spilts=Steve Pearce platoon.

Lee Young

FREE Matt Hague!!!!


My thoughts exactly. I was disappointed he wasn’t called up over Ciriaco when Cedeno landed on the DL.


Why?  Can Hague play SS or run well?


No but with both d’Arnaud and Wood up here a 3rd string SS really is unnecessary.


Yes…if you need a pinch runner and don’t want to waste a middle infielder.


Xavier Paul?


He will be gone once everybody comes back from injury…no room.

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