Pirates Agree to Terms With 23rd Round Pick Jordan Cooper

The Pittsburgh Pirates have agreed to terms with 23rd round pick Jordan Cooper, Pirates Prospects has learned.  Cooper is a draft eligible sophomore out of Kentucky, and was selected by the Pirates for the second time in three years, after opting to attend Kentucky rather than signing as a 17th round pick in 2009.  Cooper obviously was open to joining the Pirates, as he would have had to sign a letter giving them permission to draft him again in order for them to take him this time around.

Cooper had a difficult year at Kentucky, pitching like an early round pick at times, but struggling badly at others.  In his better starts his sinker ranged from 89-94, and he had an effective slider and change.  In his bad starts his velocity dropped at the upper end and his command wasn’t there.  He had inconsistent velocity in high school as well.

Cooper’s issues started when he was a weekend starter.  He moved to the middle of the week and had success, then struggled again once he returned to starting on Sundays.  Because of this, it’s unknown whether the issues were related to pitching in big games, or if the matchups were just coincidental, and his struggles were a result of the inconsistencies that we saw out of him in high school.  Cooper is expected to begin his pro career with State College.

The Draft Pick Signing Tracker has been updated.  The Pirates have now signed 14 players.




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