Altoona Curve Ring Ceremony

The 2010 Altoona Curve got their rings today.

The 2010 Altoona Curve were presented with their 2010 Eastern League championship rings today, prior to the game at McKechnie Field.  I was on-hand to get pictures of all of the players receiving their rings, and have uploaded the photos to an album on the Facebook page.  Check them out and be sure to “Like” the page, to get updates from the site on Facebook.

This was a little different than last year’s ring ceremony with the 2009 Lynchburg Hillcats.  Last year the players were given their rings, and posed for a second for pictures.  This year they just handed out the rings, without stopping to pose.  I tried to get pictures of all of the players shaking hands with Kyle Stark and receiving their rings, but was unable to get both.  Due to the fast pace, I went with the best photos for each player, although the last few were a bit blurry.

Go here to check out the photos.




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