2011 Prospect Watching: Sullivan, Rodriguez, And Friends

Fraylin Campos  —  R/R,  5′ 11″,  170 lb
Campos is another Dominican player who made his US debut in 2010.  The 21-year-old made 2 starts for the GCL Pirates in June, for a total of 8 innings, allowing 4 earned runs on 9 hits and one walk, with 8 strikeouts, and a 4.50 ERA.  After that, he pitched only in relief for the Pirates, with 10 appearances, mostly in August.  He gave up a lot of hits (17 in 16.2 innings), with 7 earned runs.  Campos walked more batters as a reliever (8), but kept up his strikeout rate (18).  That gave him a total of 24.2 innings and a 4.01 ERA for the season, with a 3.3 walk / 9 inning rate and a 9.5 K/ 9 inning rate.  Campos should be ready for State College, where he’ll need to continue to keep up the strikeouts and keep down the walks.  

Brent Klinger  —  R/R,  6′ 4″,  185
Klinger was the Pirates’ 21st round pick in the 2008 draft.  The 22-year-old Arizona native spent both 2008 and 2009 with the GCL Pirates, plus 3 games with State College over the two years.  He had made 8 starts and 3 relief appearances for the Pirates in 2009, for a 3.28 ERA and 13 earned runs on 31 hits in 35.2 innings, with 36 strikeouts.  He should have been in State College in 2010, but had shoulder problems and after surgery, he missed the whole season.  He’s back in camp for spring training, and should be ready to go, even after having an appendectomy over the off season.  He could be sent to either State College to begin the season and then go to West Virginia later in the season, or maybe even begin the season with the Power.  

Joan Montero  —  R/R,  6′ 0″,  186 lb
Montero is a 22-year-old Dominican, who the Pirates signed an an “older” player.  After just 2 games in the DSL, Montero came to the GCL, where he made one start and 16 relief appearances.  He did well in his two June appearances, allowing one run in 3.2 innings.  He had a little more trouble in July, including his only start, with 11 earned runs on 13 hits in 19.2 innings, for a 5.03 ERA.  He walked 13 batters and struck out 21 that month.  Montero turned it on in August, and in fact allowed just one earned run in his last 7 appearances (15 innings).  He struck out 15 batters over that time, with 9 walks.  Montero should be ready for State College, where he needs to get the walk rate down as he works on his control.   He might also be able to move up to West Virginia later in the season.

Barrett Phillips  —  Bats Right / Throws Left,  6′ 0″,  175 lb
Phillips came to the Pirates as an undrafted free agent.  He was assigned to the GCL Pirates, where he was the team’s top reliever, working the second highest number of innings on the team (37.2).  He earned a 5-1 record with 3 saves and a 2.63 ERA in 17 appearances.  His first two appearances were tough, and he had an 8.44 ERA in June, with 5 earned runs in 5.1 innings.  July was a complete turn-around, with 17.1 innings in 7 appearances, and a 0.52 ERA, as he gave up just one earned runs and 9 hits, with 15 strikeouts.  He was back up to 5 earned runs and 14 hits in 15 innings (3.00 ERA) in 7 appearances in July, with another 11 strikeouts.  Phillips is also ready for State College for 2011.  

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