A quick look at Brad Lincoln’s pitch location

Unfortunately, due to real life responsibilities, I have been unable to watch either of Brad Lincoln’s past two starts. However, I wanted to share a quick nugget of Pitch f/x data that I noticed this morning.

Below are Lincoln’s pitch locations from last night’s game, in which he allowed five runs over five innings, including two home runs.


Lincoln 7.6.2010


Here are the pitch locations from his previous start on June 30th, in which he pitched seven shutout innings.


Lincoln 6.30.2010


As a reminder, these graphs are from the catcher’s point of view. Clearly, in his strong start a week ago, Lincoln was pounding the bottom of the zone. Last night, Lincoln consistently left the ball up, giving the Astros a handful of juicy pitches to destroy.

Again, I did not see last night’s game. I haven’t even had a chance to watch the highlights yet. But after looking at this data, it makes sense that Lincoln got beat up a bit.

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