PLC Myth-Smashers: Introduction

You are relaxing in a Pittsburgh bar, enjoying happy hour with a few acquaintances. One of the televisions is tuned to FSN, and Andrew McCutchen’s face flashes across the screen during a spring training interview. One of your buddies quickly announces that “he will be wearing pinstripes within two years.”

You want to respond, but you are not exactly sure where to start. Do you explain the rebuilding process to him, and hope that the two of you can have a logical conversation about the pros and cons of such an endeavor? Or do you simply ask which productive players the Pirates have traded to the Yankees in the past, hoping that he can come up with someone better than Charlie Hayes? Maybe you don’t worry about the information in your response, and attempt to win the debate by shouting louder than him.

Rest easy, as I have come up with a solution. Just direct him to “PLC Myth-Smashers,” a new series coming to Pittsburgh Lumber Co. From time to time, I will disprove a common misconception about the Pittsburgh Pirates. If you have any suggestions for myths that need smashed, leave them in the comments or shoot me an email. Your first installment is an article that I posted in February.

PLC Myth-Smashers: “The Pirates are just a Triple-A team for the Yankees!”

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