Agent: Huntington concerned with public perception

Dejan produced the following quote from an MLB agent this morning:

My info is that [Neal] Huntington and Co. are very concerned about public perception and season tickets.

That made me nervous for a brief moment, as the last thing Huntington needs to do is worry about the fans’ perception. His best characteristic, in my opinion, is his willingness to make the unpopular decision. This is likely just an agent trying to stir the pot, and Huntington provides this reassuring quote later in the article.

“The key word you’re going to be hearing from us is value,” Huntington said. “We could do something big just so that we can feel good about ourselves and show everybody that we did something or that we’re spending up to a certain level. But we’re not going to do that unless it makes sense and unless there’s a real value to the Pittsburgh Pirates.”


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