Some follow-up Sano craziness

If you thought the comments section of the PBC Blog couldn’t get any stranger, take a look at Dejan’s “Morning Links” post from this morning. During the night, Rob Plummer apparently showed up as “baseballagentesq” to share his side of the Miguel Sano story (Dejan confirmed that this was indeed Plummer.) Plummer seems to imply that Rene Gayo’s relationship with the Sano family was the main issue, and praises the work that Neal Huntington is doing. He also expresses his hope to work with the Pirates again in the future.

I regret how it ended and I owe Neal a big apology b/c he’s doing a good job. The Pirates are headed in the right direction for sure.

Head over there and check out some of Plummer’s comments. It sounds like the Twins offer was contingent on Plummer not shopping it to other teams, and Plummer apparently felt it was the best he would receive. That contradicts the fact that the Orioles were apparently given a chance to match the offer. Most reports also indicate that the Pirates certainly would have matched it, if given the opportunity to negotiate.

I’m not sure exactly what happened during this process, so I’m not going to bother diving any deeper into the situation. The bottom line is the Pirates missed out on a top young talent, leaving them with underwhelming international results this year.

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